Individual, Marital, and Family Counseling

  • Marital disorder/dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Job stress/conflict
  • Personal confidence issues
  • Adjustment to separation and divorce
  • Parent-child conflict
  • Domestic violence
  • Loss and mourning

Alcoholism/Addiction Services

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug/chemical dependency
  • Eating disorders
  • Gambling addiction
  • Continuing care services

Traumatic Incident Debriefings


Trainings and Workshops

  • Trauma
  • Alcoholism
  • Depression and Suicide

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    UK relaunching in 2004 In Canada, General Mills markets pre-stirred Yoplait yogurt, Minigo, Tubes, Inception, Creamy, Delicieux, Yop, Yoplait Basket, Yoptimal, and Asana. In 1971, the Cooperative agricole de Granby, which went on to become the largest dairy cooperative in the country—Agropur—launched the Yoplait brand in Canada. In 1993, Agropur and Agrifoods (the two largest dairy cooperatives in Canada) combined their yogurt and immature cheese marketing and manufacturing activities to anatomy Ultima Foods. Ultima Foods oversaw Yoplait mark products all over Canada until 2012, when Shared Mills took on the licence (Ultima Foods continues to manufacture Yoplait products in Canada as a subcontractor, but has also launched a unqualifiedly owned against product face, iogo).[6 –
    Yoplait made a properly remembered advert when they re-launched Yop as the “smoother way to start the light of day” with a campaign middle of McCann-Erickson in April 2004. The action targeted teenagers and the blot featured teenagers with strong Jamaican accents singing a version of the Eddy Give commotion, Gimme Hope Jo’anna, in their sleep. The at a bargain price a fuss has been reworked into “Transfer me Yop” (Gimme Yop me mamma, Yop me mamma, Yop for when de mornin’ go) and the teenagers, who are seen asleep against a toilet-roll holder or propped up in the bathroom, are urgent that their mothers yield them the drink.[12 – [13 –
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    In English the word has increasingly become associated with political divisions, so that one sense, associated with the indefinite article – “a country” – through misuse and subsequent conflation is now a synonym for state, or a former sovereign state, in the sense of sovereign territory or “district, native land”.[5 – Areas much smaller than a political state may be called by names such as the West Country in England, the Black Country (a heavily industrialized part of England), “Constable Country” (a part of East Anglia painted by John Constable), the “big country” (used in various contexts of the American West), “coal country” (used of parts of the US and elsewhere) and many other terms.[6 –

    The equivalent terms in French and other Romance languages (pays and variants) have not carried the process of being identified with political sovereign states as far as the English “country”, instead derived from, pagus, which designated the territory controlled by a medieval count, a title originally granted by the Roman Church. In many European countries the words are used for sub-divisions of the national territory, as in the German Bundesländer, as well as a less formal term for a sovereign state. France has very many “pays” that are officially recognised at some level, and are either natural regions, like the Pays de Bray, or reflect old political or economic entities, like the Pays de la Loire.

    A version of “country” can be found in the modern French language as contrée, based on the word cuntrée in Old French,[6 – that is used similarly to the word “pays” to define non-state regions, but can also be used to describe a political state in some particular cases. The modern Italian contrada is a word with its meaning varying locally, but usually meaning a ward or similar small division of a town, or a village or hamlet in the countryside.
    The word country comes from Old French contrée, which derives from Vulgar Latin (terra) contrata (“(land) lying opposite”; “(land) spread before”), derived from contra (“against, opposite”). It most likely entered the English language after the Franco-Norman invasion during the 11th century.

    In English the word has increasingly become associated with political divisions, so that one sense, associated with the indefinite article – “a country” – through misuse and subsequent conflation is now a synonym for state, or a former sovereign state, in the sense of sovereign territory or “district, native land”.[5 – Areas much smaller than a political state may be called by names such as the West Country in England, the Black Country (a heavily industrialized part of England), “Constable Country” (a part of East Anglia painted by John Constable), the “big country” (used in various contexts of the American West), “coal country” (used of parts of the US and elsewhere) and many other terms.[6 –

    The equivalent terms in French and other Romance languages (pays and variants) have not carried the process of being identified with political sovereign states as far as the English “country”, instead derived from, pagus, which designated the territory controlled by a medieval count, a title originally granted by the Roman Church. In many European countries the words are used for sub-divisions of the national territory, as in the German Bundesländer, as well as a less formal term for a sovereign state. France has very many “pays” that are officially recognised at some level, and are either natural regions, like the Pays de Bray, or reflect old political or economic entities, like the Pays de la Loire.

    A version of “country” can be found in the modern French language as contrée, based on the word cuntrée in Old French,[6 – that is used similarly to the word “pays” to define non-state regions, but can also be used to describe a political state in some particular cases. The modern Italian contrada is a word with its meaning varying locally, but usually meaning a ward or similar small division of a town, or a village or hamlet in the countryside.
    The word country comes from Old French contrée, which derives from Vulgar Latin (terra) contrata (“(land) lying opposite”; “(land) spread before”), derived from contra (“against, opposite”). It most likely entered the English language after the Franco-Norman invasion during the 11th century.
    In 1964, 100,000 French farmers merged their regional dairy cooperatives to sell nationally. In 1965, two co-operatives, “Yola” and “Coplait”, merged, becoming “Yoplait”. The company’s logo is a six-petaled flower designed by Philippe Morlighem,[1 – each petal representing one of the six main cooperatives’ founders. A redesigned logo, which has been slowly rolled out since the late 2000s, uses a flower with only five petals.[citation needed –

    On May 18, 2011, General Mills announced it had agreed to purchase a controlling 51% interest in the brand’s main operating company Yoplait SAS, and a 50% interest in a related company owning the brand’s intellectual property, with Sodiaal retaining the remainder.[2 – The announcement of the completion of the acquisition was made on 1 July 2011.[3 – In September 2017,Yoplait launched new campaign for kids yoghurt brand, Frubes.[4 –
    In English the word has increasingly become associated with political divisions, so that one sense, associated with the indefinite article – “a country” – through misuse and subsequent conflation is now a synonym for state, or a former sovereign state, in the sense of sovereign territory or “district, native land”.[5 – Areas much smaller than a political state may be called by names such as the West Country in England, the Black Country (a heavily industrialized part of England), “Constable Country” (a part of East Anglia painted by John Constable), the “big country” (used in various contexts of the American West), “coal country” (used of parts of the US and elsewhere) and many other terms.[6 –

    The equivalent terms in French and other Romance languages (pays and variants) have not carried the process of being identified with political sovereign states as far as the English “country”, instead derived from, pagus, which designated the territory controlled by a medieval count, a title originally granted by the Roman Church. In many European countries the words are used for sub-divisions of the national territory, as in the German Bundesländer, as well as a less formal term for a sovereign state. France has very many “pays” that are officially recognised at some level, and are either natural regions, like the Pays de Bray, or reflect old political or economic entities, like the Pays de la Loire.

    A version of “country” can be found in the modern French language as contrée, based on the word cuntrée in Old French,[6 – that is used similarly to the word “pays” to define non-state regions, but can also be used to describe a political state in some particular cases. The modern Italian contrada is a word with its meaning varying locally, but usually meaning a ward or similar small division of a town, or a village or hamlet in the countryside.The word country comes from Old French contrée, which derives from Vulgar Latin (terra) contrata (“(land) lying opposite”; “(land) spread before”), derived from contra (“against, opposite”). It most likely entered the English language after the Franco-Norman invasion during the 11th century.

    In English the word has increasingly become associated with political divisions, so that one sense, associated with the indefinite article – “a country” – through misuse and subsequent conflation is now a synonym for state, or a former sovereign state, in the sense of sovereign territory or “district, native land”.[5 – Areas much smaller than a political state may be called by names such as the West Country in England, the Black Country (a heavily industrialized part of England), “Constable Country” (a part of East Anglia painted by John Constable), the “big country” (used in various contexts of the American West), “coal country” (used of parts of the US and elsewhere) and many other terms.[6 –

    The equivalent terms in French and other Romance languages (pays and variants) have not carried the process of being identified with political sovereign states as far as the English “country”, instead derived from, pagus, which designated the territory controlled by a medieval count, a title originally granted by the Roman Church. In many European countries the words are used for sub-divisions of the national territory, as in the German Bundesländer, as well as a less formal term for a sovereign state. France has very many “pays” that are officially recognised at some level, and are either natural regions, like the Pays de Bray, or reflect old political or economic entities, like the Pays de la Loire.

    A version of “country” can be found in the modern French language as contrée, based on the word cuntrée in Old French,[6 – that is used similarly to the word “pays” to define non-state regions, but can also be used to describe a political state in some particular cases. The modern Italian contrada is a word with its meaning varying locally, but usually meaning a ward or similar small division of a town, or a village or hamlet in the countryside.
    The term “country” can refer to a sovereign state. There is no universal agreement on the number of “countries” in the world since a number of states have disputed sovereignty status. There are 206 sovereign states, of which 193 states are members of the United Nations, two states have observer status at the U.N. (the Holy See and Palestine), and 11 other states are neither a member or observer at the U.N. All are defined as states by declarative theory of statehood and constitutive theory of statehood. The latest proclaimed state is South Sudan in 2011.
    In Chile the Yoplait brand is managed by Quillayes.

    In Ireland, Glanbia controlled the Yoplait brand from 1973 until May 2012, when the control was let go to Yoplait.

    The franchise in Norway is held by Fjordland.

    In Portugal, Yoplait is run under Gelgurte.[7 –

    In 2001 Sodiber Spanish brand from Sodiaal stopped its production and commercializations in Spain closing its Alcobendas production plant.

    United Kingdom
    In the United Kingdom, Yoplait UK Ltd is now 100% owned by Yoplait France.[8 – In April 2009 the joint venture between Yoplait and Dairy Crest ended. Yoplait UK Ltd is based in General Mills’ European head office; Harman House in Uxbridge, London, United Kingdom. Tubed yogurts are called Frubes (portmanteau of fruit and tube) in the UK.

    Yoplait in Israel is managed by Tnuva, Israel’s largest dairy,[9 – and products are kosher. The company’s drinkable yogurt comes in a 100-gram shot-style bottle with a center opening for easy gripping.[10 – Yoplait-brand flavored yogurts account for 42–52% of the Israeli market.[11 – Tnuva and Yoplait entered into a partnership to set up production facilities in Romania in 2007.[9 – In 2009, Tnuva introduced a 500-gram family-size yogurt called Yoplait YYY that comes in resealable containers.[11 –

    In Mexico, the Yoplait brand is managed by Sigma Alimentos.

    South Korea
    In South Korea, the Yoplait brand is managed and manufactured by Binggrae.

    United States
    In the United States, General Mills is the sole franchisee of Yoplait pre-stirred yogurt. Products are available in a variety of fruit-based flavors that come in a truncated-conical container sealed with an aluminum foil top. Under the Yoplait label, General Mills also markets Trix Yogurt, based on the flavors of their breakfast cereal of the same name, and Go-Gurt, where various flavors are packaged in plastic tubes for spoonless eating; these brands are targeted to children. A probiotic line of yogurt is marketed under the brand name Yo-Plus.

    United Arab Emirates

    In the United Arab Emirates , the yoplait brand is managed by Al Ain Food & Beverages P JSC ( An Agthia Group Company).

    Community involvement
    In the U.S., Yoplait participates in an annual program called “Save Lids to Save Lives” to raise money for breast cancer research. Yoplait donates ten cents per pink foil lid that is mailed to the company, but they state in fine print on all promotional materials that their donations will be capped at $2,000,000 per year. This money is donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Yoplait has been the primary sponsor of Race for the Cure, a marathon held to raise additional research money, since 2001.

    The American franchise of Yoplait added a rim on the bottom of the yogurt containers to keep animals such as skunks from accidentally getting their heads caught. A label was added to the container stating: “Protect Wildlife: Crush Cup Before Disposal.”[12 –

    The 2011 documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. reported that some products sold under the “Save Lids to Save Lives” campaign had previously contained milk from cows treated with bovine somatotropin, a growth hormone banned in many nations for its possible link to diseases in humans, until the company agreed to remove it.[13 – [14 –

    A 2012 television advertisement for Yoplait prompted criticism from the National Eating Disorders Association due to its portrayal of a woman making difficult food choices. The company announced within a few days of the complaint that they would pull the ad, saying, “We aren’t sure that everyone saw the ad that way, but if anyone did, that was not our intent and is cause for concern.”[15 –

    Since at least 1998, Yoplait has been the target of campaign by animal advocates, including the Humane Society, to redesign its traditional tapered cup design because small animals can easily get their head stuck inside and then suffocate or die from dehydration.[16 – [17 –

    See also

    The degree of autonomy of non-sovereign countries varies widely. Some are possessions of sovereign states, as several states have overseas territories (such as French Polynesia or the British Virgin Islands), with citizenry at times identical and at times distinct from their own. Such territories, with the exception of distinct dependent territories, are usually listed together with sovereign states on lists of countries, but may nonetheless be treated as a separate “country of origin” in international trade, as Hong Kong is.[7 – [8 – [9 –

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